Update Oct 8 2023 and British Airways Suck

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I am sorry

I am so sorry that I have been remiss in updates, basically life got in the way! Audits at work, renovations on the house, fighting with British Airways, a few weeks in Europe, etc… I hope to get everything back on track before my next Europe trip in December. I do have a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin in November, but that is only 4 nights and shouldn’t interfere much with posting, and might even provide some bonus content.

What I am working on

I am completing one last article on the Olomouc area, and I have 2 articles in process on Ceske Budejovice, and that will finish our spring 2023 trip to the Czech Republic.
I am working on outlining a few articles on my most recent trip, the picture above should be a big hint, and a few others, I really need to get busy on those since as I said, I have a domestic (Green Bay) trip planned and a Northern European trip planned before the end of the year. If anyone has any tips or hints on Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden, they would be greatly appreciated.

Updated Plans

In 2024, spring will most likely be domestic rural road trips (we are working on a list of places to go), with a return to Central Europe, maybe Czech and Slovakia, in the fall we have some interest in a few border locations.

We are currently throwing darts at a map for 2025, perhaps venture into Hungary, my wife keeps saying Georgia, but the logistics involved for a trip like that is not a simple. It could be The Netherlands or Belgium, and my son is allegedly planning a scotch tour of Scotland for him and me.

Four Strikes British Airways you’re out

After our bad experience with British Airways, on our most recent two and a half trips, we will be changing airlines for future European trips. Our last experience was so bad, my wife, wants to take a break from Europe, for a year.

Things have changed drastically since British Airways resumed service, or lack of service, after the pandemic. We flew to Europe on British Airways shortly after they resumed flights between the US and Europe. We flew on fairly empty flights, with so much gratitude for coming back to British Airways, it was great. As soon as those plans started filling up, that all went down the toilet. Now that we have just about devolved to Ryanair, level of service, shut up and get on the plane. By the way, we decided to downgrade you at the last minute because we decided to use a three hundred seat Boeing triple seven instead of the four hundred and thirty-five seat Airbus A three eighty. 

The real fun part is when you are checking-in, and your XYZ to Heathrow flight, but not your Heathrow to Dulles flight. The only message you get is: “we are currently experiencing a technical problem, please try again later,” and you do not get any confirmation, until you check in at the airport for your flight to Heathrow. Now, that is fine if you are flying from an airport that has British Airways agents on location, such as Warsaw Chopin (WAW). Legitimate British Airways agents can resolve problems, but third party/outsourced agents like at Prague cannot, and you have to wait until you get to Heathrow to resolve your problem, along with hundreds of other displaced passengers. If your layover is only 3 to 4 hours, you are very unlikely to get on your ticketed flight, and that means you will be spending the night at a hotel and likely on one of the first flights out in the morning.

I probably wouldn’t be that upset if it had been 2 of the 4 of the transatlantic legs, but 4 for 4 is pretty bad, or they had been better at providing updates. Like a week before, something like we would like to update you on your future travel… I understand crew problems, mechanical problems etc., those things happen.


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