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This article is only focused on the town itself, the castle and East Bohemia Museum are in another article posted here.

Pardubice History

Pardubice is a city located in the Czech Republic, in the east of the country, and is the capital of the Pardubice Region or East Bohemia. The city is located at the confluence of the Elbe and Chrudimka rivers and has a population of around 91,000 people. It is well-known for its historical center and for its Perník (gingerbread). The earliest mention of Pardubice Perník occurred around 1290, with the founding of the Gingerbread guild. This is also when the town was first mentioned in other historic documents.

Pardubice is known for its rich history and many historical buildings, including the Pardubice Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The castle has undergone many renovations over the centuries, and today it serves as a museum and cultural center. The city is also home to the Saint Bartholomew’s Church, which is one of the most significant historical buildings in the city and was built in the 14th century. The city has a well-preserved old town, that is renowned for its Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

Pardubice is also famous for horse racing, and is the home of the Velka Pardubicka steeplechase (Big Pardubice Steeplechase), one of the oldest and most prestigious horse races in Europe. The race is held annually in October and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. The city also has a strong industrial base and is home to several large companies in the engineering, chemical, and food processing sectors. Overall Pardubice is not just a picturesque historical town but also a city with a strong economic base, vibrant culture and sports scene.

Additionally, the city is home to the Pardubice airport, which serves as a hub for flights to destinations around Europe. The name of the airport Is in Czech “Letiště Pardubice – Terminál Jana Kašpara” in honor of Jan Kašpar the father of Czech Aviation. He was one of the builders of the first Czech Aircraft engine. He was the first Czech pilot to fly in the Czech lands, as well as many other Czech aviation innovations.

Zelená brána (Green Gate)

The Green Gate in Pardubice, Czech Republic, is a 60-Meter tall historical tower located in the city center. The building was originally constructed around 1498 and served as a defensive fortification. The Green Gate is notable for its Renaissance-style architecture and its decorated portal, which features the coat of arms of Pardubice. The building has undergone many renovations over the years and currently serves as a cultural and educational center, hosting exhibitions and events. It is also open to the public for tours, March through December. There are regular exhibitions at the green gate, the entrance fee to the exhibitions and to climb the tower is 50 CZK for adults and 35 CZK for children 6 to 18. Visit their website for more information.

Green Gate
Pardubice 15

The East Bohemia Theater of Pardubice

This beautiful building is The East Bohemia Theater of Pardubice (Východočeské divadlo Pardubice). The theater offers a wide range of productions, including operas, ballets, and plays. They produce 7 to 10 productions throughout the year. The theater has a main stage and a smaller studio stage, along with a summer festival stage at the nearby Kunětická hora castle. They also offer a variety of educational programs and workshops for both children and adults. The theater has a rich history, it was founded in 1868 and has been an important cultural institution in Pardubice for over 150 years, offering a diverse program of performances and productions throughout the year. Currently, there are over 20 actors employed by the theater.

Pardubice Theater
Pardubice 16

Town Square

The town square is gorgeous, lined with colorful building housing restaurants and various shops. Aside from the town hall itself, the coolest building on the square has to be the Jonah House (Jonah Dům), with a relief of Jonah being swallowed by the whale, that dates back to the 1790s. If you stick around long enough, you will also see the occasional wedding party photos being taken on the square after the ceremony in the town hall. Stop by any of the restaurants around the square and enjoy a meal or just a drink on this beautiful square. What medieval town square would be complete without a Plague Column, right? Right smack dab in the center of the town square is a Plague Column, loaded up with saints and angels. Plague columns were built, usually in the main town square, to commemorate the victims of plagues.

Town Hall

The dominating feature of the town square has to be the beautiful town hall, which is the primary administrative center for the area. I think that is one of the greatest things about European cities, their town halls look like museums, with the flowers in the window boxes, and the banners adding color. Wouldn’t it be nice if cities and towns across America started adopting this practice?

The Church of St. Bartholomew

The original church was built around 1300, and was destroyed during the Hussite wars (30 July 1419 – 30 May 1434). The current church was not built until 1507, and remodeled in the 1690s, and the last reconstruction was in 1912. Unfortunately, we were unable to go inside the church during our visit.

Miru Třída

Miru třída, is the main drag through downtown Pardubice, it is a pedestrian zone where only buses and bicycles and the occasional delivery truck are the only vehicles allowed on the street. This is a very pleasant casual promenade lined with many small shops and restaurants. On the east end of the street is the old town square, and at the west end is a large shopping mall, or new town square.

Třída Míru
Pardubice 17

Perník (Gingerbread)

When visit Pardubice, you have to try the gingerbread or Perník, this town is well-known for its gingerbread. A word of caution, You can see below some of the gingerbread men who adorn the town.

Random Gingerbread men
Pardubice 18



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