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  • Olšanské hřbitovy

    Olšanské hřbitovy

    Introduction A friend of mine, who is a funeral director, once told me that “You can tell a lot about a culture, by how they care for their dead” Olšanské hřbitovy is a testament to how caring the Czech people are. Olšanské Cemetery is huge, I do not know the actual size, but I estimated…

  • Prague 1st Visit

    Prague 1st Visit

    Introduction Our 1st Prague trip was my wife’s 1st real international trip, ever, and my first European trip in over 2 decades. The dates for our trip were September 19th through the 29th, originally we planned on the 21st through the 28th, but that got changed by the Airlines. Since the change was within 2…

  • Prague Won, not Prague 1

    Prague Won, not Prague 1

    How Prague Won My wife and I debated in early 2021 where we would travel to once Covid-19 travel restrictions were lifted, and this is how Prague won. We had a short list that consisted of, Scotland driving the NC500, England cruising the canals for 2 weeks, Prague, or a one-week river cruise through the…