Hi, I’m Paul.
I like to travel, and I like to take pictures.
I also like to share my pictures, and information about where they were taken.
Although, I am not the best photographer, or writer, but I do try! I have started to play with video, and you can see that on my YouTube channel here.

I/we live in Southern Virginia, and we like to travel to all kinds of small towns and map dots and just enjoy the beauty of “Southside” Virginia, like the Falling Springs Water fall near Covington, Virginia

Falling Springs
Falling Springs Waterfall near Covington, Virginia.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know

I have been playing with some AI and I asked one about this website and this is what it said.

Paul’s Been There is a travel blog run by a person named Paul, who documents his travel experiences and shares them on the blog. The blog features travel guides, travel tips, and personal stories from Paul’s travels to various countries around the world. It appears to be a resource for those interested in travel and exploring new places.