I like to travel, and I like to take pictures.

I enjoy sharing my photos and the details of where they were taken despite not being the greatest photographer or writer. I’ve begun experimenting with video, and you can check out my YouTube channel for that, which can be found here: YouTube.

My wife and I live in Southern Virginia, and we love to travel to small towns and remote locations to appreciate the beauty of Southside Virginia. We have explored various attractions, including the Virginia State Parks and the Blue Ridge Parkway. However, one of our favorite spots is the Falling Springs Waterfall near Covington, Virginia. The 80-foot waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold. 

Falling Springs
Falling Springs Waterfall near Covington, Virginia.

While we spend most of our time exploring Southern Virginia, we also enjoy traveling to Europe occasionally. We are particularly drawn to central Europe, with the Czech Republic being our favorite destination. We love to explore the outer suburbs of the historic city of Prague; we rarely visit Prague 1, but we will ride a tram or metro to the end of the line to indulge in traditional Czech cuisine. We also enjoy day trips to the smaller cities and towns such as Padubice, famous for gingerbread, or Olomouc, famous for stinky cheese, or Hranice, for the storks that, by their arrival, let our friend know that spring had officially arrived when she was a child growing up there. 

We take great pleasure in venturing out to new destinations and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures. We cherish the natural beauty of our home state, as well as the rich history and allure of Europe. As you might have noticed, we are always up for a trip. Recently, we traveled to Warsaw, Poland, to visit a quaint little shop called “Baryliński Ryszard. Pracownia pędzli i szczotek” in Warsaw, Poland, which specializes in making brushes by hand. We spent well over an hour in the shop, talking to the owner’s niece, Konstancja (Constance), who was managing the store while her uncle was away in Japan, learning how to make Japanese Calligraphy brushes. It was fascinating to learn about the history of her family and the shop’s origins from Konstancja, who was more than happy to share her knowledge with us. She told us about her grandfather, who started the store and passed his passion for brush-making down to his son.  Overall, it was an enriching experience that left us with a newfound appreciation for the art of brush-making.

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My goal is to create an unparalleled source of information for enthusiastic travelers who are always searching for new and exciting destinations to explore.  we really don’t go where most people go, and we’ve never taken a group tour anywhere. We went to Bratislava and were asked several times why we came to Bratislava, were waiting to catch a river cruise, bus tour, etc. We came to Bratislava to see Bratislava, and they all responded the same, “Really?”. BTW Bratislava is lovely!

Soon, I will write about how we decide where we go and won’t go. We have no desire or plans to visit France, Germany, Austria, Italy, or Greece.

In addition to the travel guides, the blog provides captivating personal stories from my travels to various countries worldwide. These stories offer a unique perspective on different cultures, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the places they’re visiting. From my encounters with local communities, customs, and traditions to my experiences with food, art, and entertainment, each story is a window into the world’s diverse and fascinating cultures.

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